Customer Reviews of the Scuttle

I couldn't believe how warm the brush and lather stayed when I lathered up for the second pass. My dad use to have one of those Schick Hot Lather machines and my lather was warmer than what use to come out of it, it felt great!
Patrick D. @

Wow, having the hot lather was sweet...the scuttle stayed very warm, to the point that, even after my shave the bottom of the scuttle was so hot that I couldn't hold the scuttle in my palm
Kriton @

Using this Scuttle is a pure joy. It keeps the foam warm and I look forward to using it every morning. The quality is excellent and feels as if it was crafted with a great deal of care.
Jason T. @

I have the small scuttle, and it gets used absolutely every morning. Used as suggested, keeps the lather warm for at least four passes.

The scuttle is exceptionally well made, a little art to anchor your morning ritual. If you take the plunge, you won't be disappointed.
Brian N. @