The Story of How the Moss Scuttle Came to Be

blue moss scuttle with hand and shave brushMy introduction to the Moss Scuttle came via a fax from Chris Moss since his efforts of trying to weld a prototype for himself did not end well and he thought I could help.

Intrigued with a new project, I made one to his specs and after we talked it over, made another one that I thought would function better.

He was delighted and said, I have 800 friends, and that is how I came to feel like Alice in Wonderland, falling through a trap door into another world. A man’s world of whiskers, lathering, water temperature, aesthetics and the pleasure that comes with taking time to enjoy a daily ritual.

Little did I know of or – the forums that candidly talk about your products and business ethics.

So Chris was right – but there were more than 800 men out there interested in getting a parcel from me, covered in real stamps and usually delivered to the Post Office on my scooter.

I now have a world map in my studio covered in pins where I’ve shipped the scuttle. One of the greatest pleasures in being a potter is making a pot that is useful and becomes an introduction to some of the most interesting people .

Map of Where I've shipped Moss Scuttles

Each Pin on the Map above is a place I’ve sent a Moss Scuttle.