Frequently Asked Questions about the Moss Scuttle

There have been hundreds of Moss Scuttle owners talking about the new take on an old time scuttle in wet shave forums and communities such as and

The following frequently asked questions are a compilation of what pre-buyers and owners a like have asked over the years. If you have a question that you don’t see answered feel free to send it in to us or post it on either of the forums noted above.

How Do I Use a Moss Scuttle?

We have a specific page just for explaining how to use a Moss Scuttle. Please visit this page for detailed instructions.

Should I get the Small or Large Moss Scuttle?

It’s a personal preference thing really? We have customers who enjoy both, but as a rule of thumb, the larger scuttle can be easier to build a lather in the larger bowl on top. However, if you’re used to building your later on your face or in a secondary bowl you’ll likely use the Scuttle to keep your brush warm between passes. In this case the small could work out well for you.

Do I make my Lather In the Scuttle?

At the end of the day it’s entirely up to you. Some people make their lather in the top bowl of their Moss Scuttle, while others opt to either face lather or make their lather in a secondary bowl (see Sara’s Bowl) and then place their brush in the upper bowl of the scuttle between passes. As a rule of thumb, the large size of Moss Scuttle is ideal if you want to make your later in the scuttle, while the small version is great if you want to just rest your brush in the top to keep it nice and toasty between passes.

Should I use Soap or Cream with my Moss Scuttle?

If you’re creating a lather in your Moss Scuttle then we advise you to use cream. The original instructions from Dr. Chris Moss himself (the designer) advise you to use a “British Standard Fingertipfull of cream on brush and Work brush into into inner bowl of scuttle, adding a few drips of hot water as necessary.” If you’re creating your later in a separate bowl or using a soap puck you can definitely still use your Moss Scuttle to keep your brush warm between passes, but you’ll probably find you will not get the same lather using soap as you would cream directly in the Moss Scuttle.

The Later in my Moss Scuttle Seems to Break Down after Making it, what’s wrong?

It is possible to use too hot of water in the bottom chamber of the Moss Scuttle. When lather gets too hot it can break down. Try using just a tad cooler water in the bottom compartment when you fill the scuttle for the second time.

Does one Type of Cream Work Better then Another in the Moss Scuttle?

Based on the amazing review written by Corey Greenberg of, old style English creams such as Taylor and Trumper work extremely well with the Moss Scuttle. However in saying that try your favorite creams with your Moss Scuttle and let us know how it works!