Frog’s Eyebrow Moss Scuttle

Frog's Eyebrow Scuttle and Bowl

Pictured above with an Ayars Lather Bowl, sold separately.

The name “Frog’s Eyebrow” is one that stuck around in artist Sara Bonnyman’s notebook for sometime after she first heard the words.

It was during a wine tasting tour on the West coast of Canada that I heard someone say that if you didn’t want the full size of a tasting glass then you only wanted a Frog’s Eyebrow” she said.

As soon as Sara heard those words she thought it was such a fantastic name for colour and she jotted it down until the time was right.

When the Frog’s Eyebrow scuttle first came out of the Kiln she knew that this would be Frog’s Eyebrow.

The Frog’s Eyebrow moss scuttle is available in both Small and Large.

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