Slate Moss Scuttle and SB Shave Bowl

The Slate Moss Scuttle

Pictured above with the SB Shave bowl.

The most popular of all the Scuttle styles is the Slate. Originally released for the 5th Anniversary of the Moss Scuttle it has stayed on as a permanent option.

The colour originated from artist Sara Bonnyman’s attempt to create a black glaze for the scuttle. She tried several recipes but finally realized creating a glaze to finish black over top of white clay was going to be darn near impossible.

She settled on what is now Slate. Based on the response she’s had since it was released we assume you like it too.

You can order the 5th Anniversary Slate Moss Scuttle in Small or Large

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Interested in the SB Shave bowl also pictured here with the Slate Moss Scuttle? You can do so by clicking here.